Citizen and District

Citizen class
In every passport, you have a rarity trait called citizen class or species. There are a total of 10 citizen classes (+1 for the 3 unique passports) within the United Metaverse Universe.Terra Prime, Krypton, Cybertron, Dagobah, Ego, Arda, Dune, Solaris, Waldor and Coruscant. This is one of the most important rarity traits regarding our passports. Every citizen class can access some restricted gatherings and channels. The goal is to create a sub-community for every species within our ecosystem. This identity will be directly attached to our universe. In the future, we might drop exclusive artifacts belonging to each of the species as an NFT collectible or some exclusive merch drop. As soon as more in-game play is developed you will have access to different attributes and characteristics. Our main goal is to bound the community within those citizen classes. Which one would you be?
To be able to manage in an efficient manner the vast universe of the metaverse, we decided to split it into districts. Each passport will be able to access every district. However, some of the exclusive venues will be restricted to a specific number of districts. If a 3D experience is for District 5 and above. Only people with a passport having district 1-2-3-4-5 will be able to interact with this particular district.
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