ERC-721 Passport

Each UMN genesis passport has been programmatically generated from 88 attributes across 8 categories :
  • District Number
  • Class of Citizens
  • The shape of the card
  • Backcard texture
  • Sticker shape
  • Sticker color
  • Icon color
  • Background color
Variables for Passport
The class of citizens and the district number will determine your rights and level of access within the United Metaverse Nation.
To become a citizen of our Metaverse Nation you must hold at least one passport. You will enjoy the right to explore our member-only 3D venues ranging from NFT museums, conference rooms, casinos, and private clubs.
By holding one passport, you will also benefit from one voting right. You will be able to express your voice and opinions about the future of UMN.
Each passports holders will be given specials NFTs drop that matches their citizen's class. Each citizen class has a particular story with distinct artifacts that belong to their defunct planets. You can learn more about our lore in our discord channel:
The rarity of the districts is also an important part of the United Metaverse Nation. There are only a few districts 1,2,3 and,8,9,10 are more commons. Every citizen can belong in any district. By using segmentation by district, it makes it easier to build different universes and navigate in our Metaverse world.