Road Map

  • Genesis: Passports can be minted on our website. There will only ever be 11,111 Genesis Passports.
  • Nation Birth: With a referendum and a vote from all of our citizens, we will decide what parcels of land we will acquire.
  • Nation Rise: In collaboration with Decentraland, Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels, we will open our virtual world to the citizens of the UMN.
  • Independence Day: After establishing the rules and regulations, we will allow the breeding of a new generation of citizens to populate our new sovereign state. Please note that all future generations will be from a different collection and will not be granted the same rights as our genesis citizens.
  • Free Metaverse Nation: When our ecosystem is mature enough, the founders will take a step back and implement a DAO smart contract to make the United Metaverse Nation a 100% member-owned community without centralized leadership.
Road Map for United Metaverse Nation
Last modified 1yr ago